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January 30 2010

Photographers you like

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a photographer, whether it be for a wedding, a family portrait, or a bar Mitzvah.


Probably the most important reason is the style of the individual photographer appeals to you in some way. You may just have a feeling that you like the style, the vision that this photographer has. This can translate into a video production as well.


The next consideration should be the photographer’s product line. Do they have the type of products that you can not get anywhere else or are these things you could possibly produce on your own given the time and resources. For example in wedding photography there are albums that are only available to professional photographers. These are leather bound designed for wedding or Bar Mitzvah photography. The pictures can either be mounted to the page that has a liner to give the picture a border or the album can be matted which means the picture sits in a matt on the page. Of coarse you would have color choices for all of this. But as you probably realize that to try to attempt something like this just is not going to be possible on your own.


Another consideration is the photographers skill in handling all the people he will be required to direct in order to get the pictures you want at your wedding or Bar Mitzvah and even for a portrait you must be able to relax and enjoy the experience. The key to wedding photography is to have your subject relax, posed but relaxed in order to capture their true personality. A good photographer will help you relax by keeping the mood light and fun, reminding you to take a deep breath and relax, to smile and enjoy the experience.


Wedding photography can be very stressful, everyone is under pressure to go here and go there, many people are putting demands on your time,. That is why the day seems to go so fast. That is why you need someone who can quickly and efficiently organize groups, take the picture in a light and easy manner so that enjoying the experience is more possible.


Whether you are planning a large event or a small gathering hiring the right professional is critical. Lastly consider the cost, that is really the final piece of the puzzle, you should select someone who you feel comfortable with, who can offer a photographic product line that is truly professional in quality and scope, and that persons skill in handling large and small groups of people efficiently and friendly as possible.


I hope this gives you some good insights into making an intelligent decision about hiring a wedding photographer, Bar Mitzvah photographer, a portrait or corporate photographer.

January 28 2010

Planning your big day!

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If you’re newly engaged, congrats! Luckily for you, this is 2010 and there are tons of great wedding blogs full of inspirational photos and ideas to make your wedding completely unique and reflective of you and your fiance (you can check out some of our favorite wedding blogs listed on the right hand side of this site or check out The B-List for a more comprehensive list of the best bridal blogs). The wedding industry is also full of super talented wedding professionals who can take your ideas and bring them to life and choosing those vendors is one of the more important tasks you’ll cross off on your to-do list.

In your search for the best wedding vendors, I recommend reading through our Wedding Vendor Hiring Guide. Okay, I admit I am completely biased here because I wrote it, however it is chock-full of questions to ask and things to keep in mind as you hire the wedding vendors you’ll be working closely with over the course of your engagement.

Happy planning!

January 27 2010

Wedding Photography NJ

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We hope everyone has a great time at their wedding this summer.

Remember for the best images on film go to American Photographer


January 25 2010

Wedding photography plans

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When you are searching for a wedding photographer try to find one that compliments your style. There are many styles out there and so you should hire a photographer whose picture you like and whose personality is agreeable to you.  page1-111.jpgpage1-101.jpgpage1-9.jpgpage1-81.jpg

January 22 2010

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The wedding planning season is in full swing. You have a million thing to do and no time. Now you can get a lot done by searching online but to really get the flavor of something you need to touch it and to feel it. There are so many different types of wedding albums to choose from, the best thing you can do is make an appointment by calling 973-402-8448 and visit the experts in wedding photography. We would be happy to assist you in your wedding planning.


January 14 2010

Things to remember

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Remember when life was simpler and less chaotic, well it never really was, it just seamed that way because we had other people help us more.

Planning a wedding is alot of work so consider hiring a wedding coordinator, it just might save your sanity.

Good luck

January 13 2010

Bridal show

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American Photographers will be at the Hyatt in Morristown on Monday Jan. 18 for a bridal show. The show hours are 6:00-9:00
This is a good way to find your wedding vendors and get some great deals. If you know anyone planning a wedding tell them about the show

January 12 2010

Wedding Planning Tips

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Now that the holidays are behind us it is time to get serious about planning you wedding. Once you have the reception site and the ceremony it is time to choose a photography company that can meet your needs. Try to decide what kind of album you want. The three basic styles are mounted by Capri, matted by Art Leather, and flush mount digital design.



January 11 2010

Winter weddings

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When you get married in the winter you take the risk of having a snow storm. If you have the ceremony and reception at the same location then at least you don’t have to worry about travel. The ceremony might be at a church I would suggest driving in a hummer. Good luck and next time get married in the summer.

January 7 2010

Bridal Show

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Please come and visit us at the Bridal Show at the knoll Country Club in Parsippany at 12:00

See you then

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