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February 13 2010

Photography in NJ winters

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People getting married or engaged this winter should call American Photographers, LLC for the best photography and video anywhere and forpage1-3.jpgpage1-7.jpgpage1-9.jpgpage1-10.jpg great prices too.

February 9 2010

Happy Valentines Day

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Valentines Day is upon us once again, so guys don’t worry, just show your lady how kind you can be and you will do fine. Champagne, flowers and many compliments about her will help make this valentines day special. I love having the opportunity to impress my Lady, sometimes she is so hard to please, but if you stay the course and shower her with kindness you will arrive at a place in her heart, then you can experience the beauty of a women. I hope everyone who has someone special in their life can relate to this, and if you are looking for that special someone then try being super kind to that person and see where it will take you.


February 5 2010

Wedding Photography in New Jersey Winters

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Winter in NJ can be kind of tedious especially if you can’t get away. Beautiful photography and video at a great price might warm everybody up.

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